Paper Submission

Preparing Your Paper

Page Limit

For the first submission, a manuscript in US Letter format can be of 6-8 pages.

For the final submission, a manuscript should be of 6 pages, with 2 additional pages allowed but at an extra charge of $100/page.

Paper Templates

Please to go this link to download the paper templates for IV 2023.

Submitting Your Paper

EDAS Account Registration

Each lead author must visit the EDAS web site and establish an account with a username and password.

Visit the Submission Portal and click the link to create a new account, if you do not already have an account. If you have an account, log in to EDAS and follow the Submitting your paper through the EDAS system instructions below.

  1. Create your profile. Only the five fields with the red asterisk are required. *It is very important that your name and affiliation associated with your EDAS account are correct and match the name and affiliation that will be listed on your paper. These fields are first & last name, affiliation (company or organization), country, e-mail address, and status. When the fields are filled in, check the Privacy Policies box and click the Add Person button. [note: if you select USA as the country, you will get a message asking for your state]
  2. You will receive an e-mail containing your password. Your email address and the given password must later be used to access the system during the following steps, so be careful to remember it.
  3. You can then return to the EDAS log-in page and change your assigned password to one that is easier to remember. To do this, click on the My Profile tab, and then click on change your password. Be sure to record your user name, password and ID number for later reference.

Submitting your paper through the EDAS system

  1. Go to the IEEE IV 2023 EDAS Paper Submission Portal
  2. Login to your EDAS account if you are not already
  3. Enter the following information:
    1. Title of your paper
    2. Keywords (optional)
    3. Paper abstract (between 100-500 words)
    4. Choose the IV 2023 topic that resonates most with your paper
  4. Add all authors in the order in which they should be shown by clicking on the + sign next to the “Authors” column.
  5. Upload your manuscript by clicking the button next to “initial manuscript” at the bottom of the page
  6. Your paper is now uploaded and you should see your paper status change from “pending” to “active”. A confirmation email of your submission will also be sent to all authors.


If you feel that your paper was misunderstood and should be given a second look, authors will have the option to submit a rebuttal explaining why your paper deserves to be re-reviewed because the decision is made by following the process below.

  1. Go to “My papers” once you are logged in to your EDAS account
  2. Click on the paper you wish to submit a rebuttal for
  3. Clicked on the word “edited” under “Authors Rebuttal” at the bottom of the page
  4. You will then, be able to submit your rebuttal with a max of 1000 characters.

**Please Note: Rebuttals will be open from March 13, 2023 to March 19, 2023. No rebuttals will be taken in to consideration after that date.

Rebuttals are sent to the technical program chairs and will not be viewed by reviewers

Please note: the deadline for your final paper, registration, and copyright will still be April 22, 2023, and no extension will be allowed.

If Your Paper Gets Accepted

Conference Registration

Every accepted paper will need one associated full conference registration (even for a student paper) for being included in the conference technical program and proceedings. Please do not try to use student rates to cover the paper. One full conference registration covers one paper – if you have more than one paper accepted to the conference, you will be asked to pay $400/additional paper.


As it is mandatory for any IEEE conference, we will implement a strict “No Show No Publication” policy, meaning that accepted papers that are not presented at the conference will not be published afterwards in IEEE Xplore. Such presentations must be done on-site, so participants and authors can talk and interchange their experiences and views. Face-to-face technical discussions are a precious element of quality of our conference.

All the papers submitted through EDAS will be peer reviewed and all of the accepted papers, if they are presented at IV2023, will be published in IEEE Xplore.

Generate an IEEE Xplore compatible manuscript using PDF Xpress

All final manuscripts must be generated using the PDF Xpress tool.

To generate the IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file of your paper, follow these steps:

  1. Create your IEEE PDF eXpress account:

   Conference ID: 55152X

  1. The first time you access the system, please follow the link to new user. Please note that in order to access the service, you need to allow the use of cookies from the PDF eXpress web site. Once you have registered as a new user:
    1. Upload the source file (containing your final paper) for conversion.
    2. Receive by e-mail the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF of your paper.

Upload your Xplore compatible PDF manuscript to EDAS

  1. Log in at
  2. Select the “My Papers” tab
  3. Select the paper title you wish to upload the manuscript for to be directed to the paper record
  4. Specify the presenter and complete the presenter’s biography form

Please declare who will be presenting the paper at the conference. Once in your paper record, click the Change/Add icon in the Presenter row. Indicate who will present the paper and click Choose presenter. Presenters must fill out a short bio (50 word max) on EDAS by going to the ‘My Profile’ tab and filling in the information in the ‘Brief bio’ field. Information in this form will be used by the session chairperson to introduce the presenter.

Complete the electronic copyright form via EDAS

 IEEE is enforcing strict copyright rules. For your convenience, the copyright form is made available electronically through EDAS. To access the copyright form, select the icon in the copyright column within your paper record.


Upload your paper

Upload your paper directly to “Final Manuscript” by selecting the upload icon. Submissions, registration, and copyright forms are due by April 22, 2023.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI)–generated text in an article shall be disclosed in the acknowledgements section of any paper submitted to an IEEE Conference or Periodical. The sections of the paper that use AI-generated text shall have a citation to the AI system used to generate the text.